A Sexy Way to Promote Good Health

3 Jan

We have yet another reason to be proud of the State of Israel. In an effort to put an end to rampant eating disorders, Israeli lawmakers proposed and passed a law, following Madrid and Milan (who made a similar ban for fashion week), banning super skinny models.

Danny Danon of the Likkud party and Rachel Adatto, formerly of the Kadima party, teamed up to make this law a reality. “Ten percent of the young generation suffers from eating disorders, and since this age group is 250,000 teenagers, 10% is a huge number.” Says Adatto.

As a result of this alarming statistic, the rule will be that no model can work without a doctor’s note stating that he/she (yes, this law affects both male and female models) has maintained a body mass index (BMI) of at least 18.5% for 3 months prior to any job. To put it in weight, that means that a female model who is 5 ft 8 in must maintain a weight of 135 lbs. Let’s not forget the magazines who love Photoshop and airbrushing! Any use of Photoshop to create the illusion of “skinnier” than what the model actually is must clearly note on the photo that is has been digitally altered.

Some critics of this law say that this will mean that naturally skinny models will no longer be able to work and those who championed this law argue that the greater good is well worth it. What do you think about this new Israeli law? Should the U.S. adopt it? Will it help promote a healthy body image?



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