A Very Jewy Christmas (Guest Blog)

21 Dec

jewishchineseholidayEvery year there comes a time when all a Jew can do is eat Chinese food and go see a movie. It’s not mandated and it’s not forced, it’s just that nothing else is open on Christmas! Not to mention the old folklore that if you see Chinese people and Jews in a Chinese restaurant, that means it’s good, so it’s not like we don’t enjoy this tradition. It’s has quickly become a joyous holiday tradition for most, if not all, Jews (outside of Israel, of course).

One can only assume that the special connection between the Jewish and Chinese populations is that neither of us celebrates this particular holiday. Maybe that’s where it all started! Chinese restaurants were open because Christmas “ain’t no thang” and we all went to the only place that was open! I must say, I especially love this union.

This year makes for an even more rousing Jewish Christmas tradition as the movie that debuts on Dec 25th is none other than the film adaptation of “Les Miserables”. The New darling of Jewish Hollywood A-Listers, Anne Hathaway, will make this holiday extra special. For those of you who do not enjoy watching the plight of the French Revolution, the other movies that open on Christmas day are “Django Unchained”, “Parental Guidence” and “West of Memphis”.

We all know what I’m doing on Dec 25th this year. What are you planning? What movie is on your radar and which Sarasota gem of Chinese food is your favorite?

By Jessi Sheslow


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