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Honor Shimon Peres; Buy Israeli

28 Sep

14441153_10155239980063572_4096406518751730687_nShimon Peres grew up with Israel. He moved to the British Mandate of Palestine in the early 1930’s and has been a change maker in the modern Jewish country since it was born.

On Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 we lost a true Zionist and a true peace activist for the Jewish people and the people of Israel.

In his last video message before his death, he urged everyone to buy Israeli goods. Visit one of our older blogs to see HOW and WHERE to buy Israeli

Shimon Peres’ last video statement

May his memory be for a blessing. z”l




Ancient Hebrew seal discovered near Jerusalem’s First Temple

8 May

From time to time, a piece of history emerges that reminds us of our rich and ancient past as a Jewish people and our undeniable tie to the holy land, Israel.  Such is the case when just last week an ancient 2,000- year-old seal bearing a name similar to Israel’s current prime minister was discovered during excavations near the Western Wall.

Archaeologist Eli Shukron shows an ancient seal, at the City of David in Jerusalem

The seal was discovered near the remains of a building dating to the end of the First Temple period located below the base of an ancient drainage channel.  The name in scripted on the seal, “Matanyahu” meaning “Giving to God”, was a common name in the Kingdom of Judah in the latter part of the First Temple period.

The archeologists who found the seal said, “such a find is always exciting.”  Indeed it is.  In a day and age when Israel faces increased security threats, constant global criticism, and efforts to delegitimize her existence and the Jewish right of return, a discovery like this reconfirms the historical bond between the Jewish people and their homeland, Eretz Israel.

Read more about the seal here

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