Forum: Community Members Talk About the Current State of Anti-Semitism

9 Jun
In the May issue of the Jewish News, we asked the question: What are your thoughts on the current state of anti-Semitism?

Nelle Miller

    I like to feel that I am part of the global collective effort to make this world a better, more hopeful, and safer place. I like to believe that it is our basic differences that make us all the same.
I like to think that we are the same in our uniqueness, our desire to survive, and live a meaningful life. I like to hope for and work toward a legacy of tolerance and understanding that allow us to coexist, thrive, and live side by side comfortably.
I believe without bias that by accepting what we each think and believe and what we have at the source of our moral core is the same.  I believe that the questions that we all have, the things that we think about, the problems we need to solve and the opportunities that we strive for all come from the same source.  That which will allow us to carry on the purpose of mankind is a collaboration of perspective, beliefs, ability to consider others, and possibly even change our minds, admitting when we are wrong.  This includes tolerance for acceptance and the celebration of what makes us unique as individuals, communities, and members of something much larger than ourselves.
Anti-semitism, among the unlimited number of prejudices that we have developed as a worldwide community is present, pervasive and rife.  In celebration of the season for Embracing our Differences, it is time to actively reject the prejudiced and public opinions expressed by others and instead, find strength and celebration in what makes us all so unique.

Nelle Miller is on the Board of the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee as immediate past president and a member of numerous committees.  She also serves on the Board of Governors for the Jewish Agency, MASA and UIA in Israel, National Women’s Philanthropy at JFNA, and several other local and national boards both within and outside of the Jewish community.



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