Anti-Semitism is happening and we can’t hide from it.

3 Feb

• French Police are stabbed while guarding a Jewish center in Nice, France.  – Ynet News
• A Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS is shown in a video to be burned alive in a cage.  – Daily Mail
A Muslim couple in British Columbia, Canada who calls themselves “al-qaida Canada” plead ‘not guilty’ to charges of a bomb plot against British legislature in 2013. – National Post
Confirmation that the second Japanese journalist has been beheaded by ISIS via photographic evidence of his headless body. – CNN
The Jewish fraternity house on the campus of UC Davis was vandalized with swastikas. – NBC
A student government resolution to divest from Israel as part of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement on the campus of University of California, Davis passed prompting a student who sits on the UC Davis student senate to post “Hamas & Sharia law have taken over UC Davis” accompanied with a photo, post vote, while waving a Palestinian flag. – Free Beacon

death-to-israel picture
This is the world we live in and these are just the weekend’s news items. It’s horrifying, cringe-worthy, disgusting and unfortunately becoming less dramatic. We need to make sure that this kind of news doesn’t become less dramatic. We intend to scream from the top of the roof that this is not the world we want to live in. This is not the world we’ve contributed to. This is not the world of rational members of society.

But that’s the catch. Rational members of society. That’s us. That’s people who prefer life over death. So, in the names of Daniel Pearl, Steven Sotloff, James Foley, Peter Kassig, Haruna Yukawa, Kenji Goto, Jordanian soldiers, the Kurdish people, Afgani police officers, UC Davis’ AEPi brothers, the French Jewish community and so many more, let’s stand up together against the irrational members of society. We will not sit in our comfortable homes believing that it won’t affect us because every day that we do that, another group of westerners are recruited to join the global fraternity of the irrational.

Write to your elected officials. Urge them to work with our partners around the world to stop this manifestation of hate. Get contact information for your officials (and a sample letter), local media contacts as well as world news sources and more at:

WATCH: This this simple but painful 5-minute video chronicles exactly what is happening on college campuses today from the people who have seen it and lived it.


We Stand with the people of Israel


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