Young Ambassadors Update: Day 9

22 Jun

From markets to holy sites, our day on Friday was, for lack of a better word, intense. Starting by parting ways with our newfound friends from the host families, we travelled to an artists’ market and saw many different art forms, such as glassblowing and woodcarving. The connecting market, which sold more tourist-y trinkets and such, was a perfect place to practice our haggling abilities.

From there, we travelled to a shuk in Jerusalem, Machane Yehuda. Upon arriving at the shuk, we were each given a name to do a “Secret Santa” exchange later that night. Imagine a massively packed market, and it still doesn’t hold a flame to the nature and size of the market in Jerusalem.

Later that day, we went to the holiest sight in Israel: the Western Wall. We encountered something that none of us had expected, which was a group of Birthright kids singing and dancing everywhere. Some of us had experiences that we had never had before, while some did not feel much at all. Without our bus to return to the hotel, we walked from the Wall back to the hotel. It’s truly amazing what an opportunity all of us were given and even more amazing how much we have come to care about and count on each other. Walking back, we all just had fun being in each other’s company.

Sam W. Is a participant on the Bob Malkin Young Ambassadors Teen Leadership Program.



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