Young Ambassadors update: Day 4

15 Jun

Today was full of culture and learning new things. After an early morning wake up call, we ate a delicious breakfast at the Kibbutz (Jamie taught everyone how to make the “perfect hot chocolate”), we drove to a fruit orchard where we picked peaches along side children to donate to poorer families. We did this through an organization called Leket Israel, which our Federation grants money to. When we were done, we learned that we collected enough peaches to give to 75 families in need. We then drove North for about an hour and a half to Haifa for a delectable lunch of American subs and pastries while sitting over the incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea. We entered the Bahai Gardens after three of us girls were denied entry at first for the length of our shorts, and were able to learn about the gardens on top of Carmel Mountain that looked down over the city.

Next, we drove to a unique mosque where a man shared some info about life in a mosque and how coexistence is important, followed by a quick glance into the prayer room. We then drove to a market in a Druze village which was my favorite part of the day. We paired up and shopped for about an hour and bought some amazing finds (“20 shekels? Uhhmmm what about 15? 17?”).

Lastly, we drove and met up with another man who introduced us to the Druze culture. We learned that the Druze people are very much like Amish people in certain ways and it was really interesting. Following, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner of pita, meatballs, tabouli, vegetable stew, grape leaves, and so much more. We headed to the hotel to settle down for a great night’s sleep after a long day of exploring.

Erica B. is a participant on the Bob Malkin Young Ambassadors Teen Leadership Program.



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