This will knock your socks off – a portable, Israeli-developed molecular sensor

22 May

scio-750Millions of people talk about health and wellness every day. Millions of people buy organic food or track their caloric intake with smartphone apps, but those are just guesses, you being a very trusting consumer. What if you didn’t have to rely on possibly inaccurate data that could affect your health?

An Israeli company called Consumer Physics created the first molecular sensor that can fit in the palm of your hand. Now, molecular sensors have been around for years and are a staple in labs everywhere, but they closely resemble the first computer, the size of a large elephant.  Now, anyone can own a device that scans the chemical components of, for instance, food that can tell you the quality, ripeness, true spoil date or when to water your plants.  You can even ensure that the generic and more affordable prescription drugs you get at the pharmacy do (or do not) have the same chemical compounds as the name brand.

The Scio is available to order now for $200 and is just another incredible way that Israeli companies are helping to improve the world and our health.

For more information about The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee’s Heller Israel Advocacy Initiative, please visit or contact Jessi Sheslow at or 941.343.2109.


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