Mensches of the Month – Howard and Naomi Adelman

3 Jan

adelmansWhenever our Jewish Federation is in need of volunteers, the Adelmans are there! Not only do Howard and Naomi offer to help with almost every Federation event, they do it with great enthusiasm and humility.

One of our most beloved biblical phrases is “Mah tovu o’halecha ya’akov mishkino techa yisroel,” which translated means, “how good are the tents of Jacob, the tabernacles of Israel…” What this means is that as Jews, we attempt to be “a light upon the nations.” Certainly the Adelmans are a light onto us and an example for all of us, teaching how to give back to others, how to volunteer and how to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Kim Mullins, Director of Operations at Federation, brags that “the Adelmans are wonderful volunteers!  They always arrive with smiles on their faces, ready to greet Federation’s guests.”

In addition to their incredible volunteerism with The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee, Howard and Naomi are also very involved with many nonprofit organizations in our community. We couldn’t pick just one Mensch for January…these two are too great to separate! Thank you so much to Howard and Naomi Adelman for being the amazing Mensches that they are!


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