Federation’s Mensch of the Month – Rebecca Bergman

1 Oct

Dr. Rebecca BergmanWhen we think of the ideal Jewish woman, we use the term Ayshet Chayil, a woman of valor. One need not seek definitions in Jewish texts or in dictionaries to figure out what the characteristics are that make a woman a “woman of valor”. One merely needs to conjure up the name Dr. Rebecca Bergman and the characteristics come clearly into focus.

Whether she’s enjoying dinner with Federation supporters, helping with registration at community events, or writing thank you notes to donors, Rebecca is always thinking about and sharing our Federation’s mission and vision. The manner in which Rebecca represents our organization is notable. She is sensitive, professional and a wonderful listener.

People comment regularly about Rebecca’s calming, soothing way. Often the biggest question to Rebecca is “how do you survive with the notorious energizer bunny husband of yours, Richie Bergman?” to which Rebecca merely chuckles and moves on to the next topic. She is truly a classy lady.

A common theme among any of our “Mensches of the Month” is their humility; most allow us to recognize them, while kicking and screaming, and Rebecca is no different.  Despite her protests, the difference Rebecca makes in our Jewish community needs to be recognized, we only wish we had more Rebecca Bergmans. Thank you Dr. Rebecca Bergman for being such a mensch.


One Response to “Federation’s Mensch of the Month – Rebecca Bergman”

  1. Amy F. Weinberger October 1, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    Mazel tov to you Rebecca!!!! 🙂

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