Federation’s Mensch of the Month – Paul Molnar

3 Sep

??????????????????????????Paul Molnar is a truly inspirational individual. He is an active member of our Jewish community and speaks about his horrific experiences during the Holocaust to students and adults around Sarasota-Manatee. One of the students who had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Molnar briefly described his moving experience: “His story begins when he was a young boy living in Hungary. He remembers the day when uniformed Gestapo took him and his family of 18 others, split them up and put them in cattle cars. Paul was taken to Auschwitz for one night and was abruptly awoken, and put on another cattle car. His final destination was Buchenwald, another horrifying camp. Paul was worked to the bone, day in and day out. Life was miserable and hopeless. The turning point was one night on a death march, Paul and his friend Ignatz slipped away from the group. Unseen by Nazis, they knocked on the door of a nearby home. The residents of the home let them take refuge in their barn in the back yard. After some time progressed, Paul and Ignatz woke up to the news that the war was over and they were free to go and do as they pleased. The two promised to keep in touch forever and they went their separate ways in search of their families. Paul never saw Ignatz again, but years later found out he died in one of the wars protecting Israel.  Upon arriving back to his home town, he reunited with his father, hoping other family members would be with him. But none were.”

Mr. Molnar now shares his story with our community so that we “Never Forget” and never let it happen again. This knowledge continues to spread to the youth of today and future generations. Mr. Molnar constantly revisits his past with the hope the world will never forget the heartache felt in Europe during the 1930’s and early 1940’s. By remembering these events, history will hopefully not repeat itself. Because of mensches like Paul Molnar, the youth in our community will know the truth and will be able to defend it against the deniers.

We are so privileged to have Paul Molnar in our community; he is an incredible individual and a true mensch.


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