Federation’s Mensch of the Month – ADDIE SILVERMAN

2 Jul


Addie Silverman has been an active volunteer in our Federation and in our Sarasota-Manatee Jewish community for over 30 years. At 93 years old, Addie continues to diligently proofread The Jewish News each month and finds and fixes even the minutest errors. Her attention to detail is extraordinary and her technical skills are more than impressive. Over the years, Temple Beth Sholom, State of Israel Bonds, Hadassah, Technion Institute of Technology and many other organizations have benefited from the leadership, and the kindness, of Addie Silverman.

At The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee we are forever grateful to Addie for her many years of devoted volunteer work. In an attempt to explain Addie’s brilliant contributions to The Jewish News, Editor Ted Epstein wrote, “If this sentence had a double space between words, or had a Yiddish word that was misspelled, or referred to an organization as a person, it would not have made it this far with those errors. Why? Because Addie Silverman is the best proofreader an editor/writer could ever wish for! Yasher Kochech (he even verified the spelling so it wouldn’t have to be corrected), Addie!” – Ted Epstein, Editor, The Jewish News.

Her dedication and commitment to the Jewish people and our community is unparalleled. A big THANK YOU to Addie Silverman for everything she does for Sarasota-Manatee and for Israel…she truly epitomizes a mensch.


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