Day 11: Deep in the Desert

25 Jun

Sunday morning came to a sad end when we all had to part our separate ways from our host families. It was harder for some than others. Madison and I became so close with our host, Shahar. She was so sweet and had such a cute personality. We all bonded really well, so saying goodbye was bittersweet. Next, we went to the Ayalon Institute, which was quite a surprising place. This was where the illegal manufacturing of bullets for the War of Independence took place. Who would have thought that such a young group of people could make such a difference with the pressure to supply for thousands? After that we arrived at the Israeli Air Force Museum and our guide gave us a comprehensive history about the Israeli air force and the many planes that were used in the past. We even got to sit inside the plane that was used in the raid on Entebbe.
Now to the Bedouin tents! As soon as we got there, we rode camels, which was awesome! The desert is just breathtaking, especially the view from on top of a camel. Then we had a traditional Bedouin dinner and the food was top notch. The sun soon set, the super moon rose, and we all went on a night walk in the desert. It didn’t seem real. We did an activity called the trust walk; we all got in a line and had our hands on each others’ shoulders. We all closed our eyes and just walked through the desert. We did it for a little on the way there it was extremely difficult. Once we reached total seclusion, Amber and Len told us all to spread out until we didn’t see one another anymore and find a place for ten minutes to just think. It was truly amazing, the power of the desert, of the land. We found each other gathering to the tune of a soft nigun and guided each other in another trust walk on the way back. It was surprisingly so much easier and more relaxing, even with the many rocks beneath our feet. We all arrived back to the tents and discussed our weekend and our desert experiences around a camp fire. It was a day well spent.

-Sydney Ralph, Bob Malkin Young Ambassadors 2013



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