Day Five: The People of Israel

17 Jun

It is day five on the Young Ambassadors trip to Israel! We departed our hotel at eight in the morning from Jerusalem to head to our next destination: the kibbutz!! Before we got there though we headed to the underground water tunnels. These tunnels are over 22 kilometers long! Our guide, Itamar, was a lot of fun, and pointed out some of the holes where candles used to be to light the way, and he made sure that we didn’t trip into the freezing cold water. Brrr!!! Afterwards, we went to the ruins of Caesarea and learned about all the many years of history. It was interesting to see how the many centuries melded together.  Jessie and I climbed all the way up to the top of the theatre and stared out into the sky. After getting back on the bus, we headed to a Druze community to enjoy some delicious food while learning about their religion. It was mind boggling. I never knew about the Druze, and it was very interesting to see another religion other than the basic four. After saying goodbye, we made another stop at the Baha’i  Rose garden where we learned about the Baha’i faith. The garden was absolutely beautiful and I thought that it was so peaceful. I can totally see why it’s a holy place. Now, to my ABSOLUTE favorite part of the day.THE BEACH IN HAIFA!!!!!! It was so much fun!! We didn’t stay out for longer then maybe an hour but it was amazing. The yam (our sea) was a dazzling shade of blue, and surfing the waves was a blast. It was a shame we had to go but it was totally awesome! We ended the day with a good meal at our new residence for the next three nights, Kibbutz Hokuk, and I’m super excited for tomorrow.

-Allie Campbell, Bob Malkin Young Ambassadors 2013



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