Kosher Locusts

7 Mar

Upon the recent locust invasion in Israel and the Middle East, there has been debate about whether or not these infamous insects are fit for eating. According to the Torah, locusts are permitted to eat, in addition to crickets and grasshoppers (try those on your next dinner menu!). However, “winged, swarming things” that have four feet are not kosher. The argument is that the insects of the bible may have been different from insects today, and especially in different parts of the world, so how are we to distinguish which types are kosher?

Jerusalem chef and specialist on biblical food, Moshe Basson, claims that the taste of locust is comparable to that of shrimp. For those of us who do not eat shrimp, this may be an opportunity to get a glimpse of what they taste like! What do you think, and if you think they are kosher, would you eat them?

Read more about this fascinating debate here.



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