J.ewish A.merican D.isney P.rincess?

6 Nov

Every little girl is a princess, and the folklore about Jewish girls has always been that we get whatever we want. Some use the term JAP, others call that term derogatory. In recent years Disney has added an array or multi-cultural Princesses to its vault. We’ve had Mulan, Tiana and Jasmine; all beautiful and all powerful visions for little girls who look just like them. Our rich history of lavish Bat Mitzvahs and brand new cars for sweet 16’s begs the question: When will Disney write a fairytale with a Jewish American Princess? And if they did, what would a Jewish Disney Princess even look like? Does she have curly brown hair? Does she have the now popular fabricated stick straight style? Is she wearing Birkenstocks or Louboutins? Vintage jewels from a thrift store or Tiffany’s? Is she curvy or rail thin? Does she have pale skin or an olive complexion?

All jokes aside, the Jewish woman has long been the pillar of strength for families, communities and even country (can I get a GOLDA!) Having a Disney cartoon figure that follows in Rebecca Rubin of American Girls’ footsteps seems a likely next step for Disney, don’t you think? So tell us, should Disney have a Jewish Princess and what do you think she should look like?

A special thanks to Rafi Samuels-Schwartz of HEEB for his thought provoking article! (www.heebmagazine.com).Image


One Response to “J.ewish A.merican D.isney P.rincess?”

  1. KBG November 7, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    She should be all doctors without borders and lead missions to places in times of crisis for the Fed. And speak publicly for people in need. And when she goes out for martinis with her girlfriends, she drinks whiskey straight, because she’s also THAT girl. And her boy friend is a super supportive TV writer who uses her as a template for all his strong female leads.

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