Yeshiva Boys Mean Business

10 Jul

“We’d rather spend lives in jail than in IDF”

Education is undoubtedly and universally one of the most important Jewish values. Many ultra-Orthodox men devote themselves to a lifetime of intense Torah study, and in Israel, they are given an exemption from serving in the army to pursue full-time yeshiva careers. In response to frustration from secular Israelis and the government’s recent talk of making national service obligatory for Haredi students, yeshiva boys are demanding equality.

Rabbi Simcha Avraham Halevi, the head rabbi of the Ashlag Hasidic sect, publicly declared that secular Israelis should be obligated to study in yeshiva to achieve equal burden of preserving the Jewish people and the state of Israel. He argued the following:

“The Jewish people survived its entire cruel history not through the might of arms, not through airplanes or tanks, not through the deterrent effect of the IDF and not through the power of the State of Israel, but through the merit of Torah study and the fulfillment of its commandments. Therefore, we are obligated to bring about equality in the burden among our brothers of the Children of Israel, so that all secular youth bear the yoke of preserving and defending the inheritance of the Jewish people, and fulfill their national duty through Torah study and the fulfillment of the commandments.”

Do you agree that the survival of the Jewish people throughout history and in modern Israel can be attributed to knowledge of Torah and steadfast religious observance? Perhaps just to education in general?

Do you think that all Israeli citizens should be required to defend the Jewish people and Israel by way of both national service and religious study? What should be the obligation of non-Israeli Jews?

Your Federation wants to know what YOU think!

Read the rest of the Jerusalem Post article here.


One Response to “Yeshiva Boys Mean Business”

  1. IsraeliJewishAmerican July 11, 2012 at 11:51 am #

    All Israelis should serve in the IDF. Torah most definately has it’s place & value in Israel and for all Jews and so does steadfast supprt & defense of her borders! The use of our judgement is both Godly & detrimental to her survival as a State and that requires a clear understanding of who the enemies of Israel are. They include the Arab/Muslim doctrin aspousing her destruction and unfortunately they include leftist Jews& radical Jews who both cannot see beyond thier narrow views to understand this concept

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