60 Minutes on Tel Aviv

23 May

Following a rather biased and inaccurate report about Israel’s supposedly diminishing Christian population by 60 Minutes that aired a few weeks ago, (see previous blog), 60 Minutes aired another program this past Sunday about Israel’s most modern and trendy city, Tel Aviv. Although the program did highlight the plethora of things Tel Aviv has to offer, noting it was voted as one of the top three cities to visit in the world, the undertone of the interviewer, Bob Simon, was condescending and judgmental to say the least.  Mr. Simon did not miss a chance to castrate Tel Aviv when the opportunity presented itself, referring to her as the new “Sodom” while insinuating that the Deputy Mayor was unprofessional to be out having a drink with friends, claiming, American politicians would never be caught dead in such a scene.

Perhaps CBS was trying to make up for it’s false accusations a few weeks ago by shedding some positive media coverage on the State of Israel with a new segment on Tel Aviv, however, the opportunity was missed once again!  The deliberate snide remarks intended to taint Tel Aviv’s vibrant spirit by pawning it off as a city of corruption and individuals that live in a “bubble” who are unaware of the chaos around them was less than complimentary.  If anyone is aware of the danger that constantly threatens their very existence, it’s Israeli’s, no matter where they live in the country!  So CBS, good try, but next time you choose to do a segment on Tel Aviv, scrap the analogies and the inappropriate remarks and remember, you’re not reporting about an enemy state, but rather America’s biggest ally in the Middle East whose Tel Aviv is much like our New York!

To watch the full report, please click here.

Is Tel Aviv a new day “Sodom” with residents unaware and un-interested in the surrounding threats or is it a beaming light in a very dark region of the world in which its residents choose to ignore the conflict around them?  Have you ever been to Tel Aviv?  Your Federation wants to know what you think about it and your experience there!


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