60 Minutes…get the facts right!!!

26 Apr

After the airing of the 60 Minutes program on Sunday evening about the disappearing Arab Christian population in Israel, (see previous blog post) JCPA decided to do some investigating of their own to see if the claims made by 60 Minutes were indeed valid concerns or another cheap blow at Israel based on bias and false rhetoric.

Turns out that much of what was reported by 60 Minutes was indeed devoid of any real factual information.  JCPA noted, “among the myriad errors in the report is the myth of a declining Palestinian Christian population.  A report issued by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs in 2011 provided extensive documentation that the Christian population in the West Bank is not decreasing – and according to Palestinian sources the Palestinian Christian population in theWest Bank is actually growing – and has been growing since 1967.  JCPA found data supporting the following claim, “since 1967, the Christian population in Bethlehem increased by 11% and in the Bethlehem region grew by 56%.   The West Bank Christian population grew from 42,484 in 1967 to over 51,000 today.”  Furthermore, they note that, “the only “decline” that has been documented is the percentage Christians represent in the predominantly MuslimWest Bank”. 

Read the full report by JCPA, in PDF format

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