60 Minutes “hatchet job”?

23 Apr

Just this past Sunday evening, 60 Minutes aired a program on the decreasing population of Arab Christians in the Middle East.  The catch?  60 Minutes did not choose to do a piece on the Coptic Christians in Egypt that are being slaughtered by the masses by Islamic extremists, nor did they choose to focus on Syrian or Iraqi persecution of Arab Christians and their churches.  No, instead the media again chose to vilify the state of Israel, blaming them for the decreasing Christian population; claiming it is a result of Israeli policy, the security fence and Israeli “occupation” of the West  Bank that is driving Christians out of the region.  Some, including Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, are questioning whether or not the segment was a “hatchet job.”

Your Federation wants to know what you think!  Please watch the brief segment and share your thoughts.  Is 60 minutes taking a cheap and bias jab at Israel and presenting a “hatchet job” or is it a legitimate report on a very concerning issue?



One Response to “60 Minutes “hatchet job”?”


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    […] 60 Minutes program on Sunday evening about the disappearing Arab Christian population in Israel, (see previous blog post) JCPA decided to do some investigating of their own to see if the claims made by 60 Minutes were […]

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