University of Pennsylvania Hosts BDS Hate Conference

27 Jan

On February 3-5, 2012 a group called PennBDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions movement)  will sponsor the 2012 National Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Conference on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
PennBDS is a recognized student group at the University of Pennsylvania that advocates for, and educates the Penn community about the growing global campaign to boycott, divest from and sanction (BDS) the State of Israel until it complies with its obligations under international and human rights laws. 
We reject the BDS movement’s rhetoric that:

• Singles out Israel for international sanction, while virtually ignoring, for example, the abuses of neighboring states like Syria, which is currently brutally attacking its own citizens looking to exercise democratic rights.
• Holds Israel to standards not demanded of others, for example, by failing to criticize Hamas and Hezbollah for firing rockets at Israel’s general population on a regular basis.
• Stresses the rights, not responsibilities, of the Palestinians and the responsibilities, not rights, of the people of Israel, for example by failing to acknowledge that the Palestinian leadership shares in the responsibility for the failure of past negotiations.
• Uses the language of South African apartheid to characterize the radically dissimilar Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Apartheid was based on a racist ideology that considered others to be genetically inferior, while Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and legally guarantees rights and protections for minorities.
Where are the voices at Penn — administrative, faculty, alumni — denouncing this assault on Israel?
1. Contact the University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Amy Gutmann
Office of the President
University of Pennsylvania
1 College Hall, Room 100
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6380

Call: 215-898-7221
Fax: 215-898-9659
E-mail President Gutmann:
 Post on Penn’s Facebook wall:!/UnivPennsylvania
• Express your concerns about the upcoming PennBDS conference set to convene on campus next month and urge the administration to prominently and unequivocally condemn PennBDS and the BDS movement.
• Suggest that the University of Pennsylvania’s reputation as a pre-eminent institution devoted to serious scholarship is sullied by any association with this conference. Cite examples provided below.
• Protest the use of any Penn resources, including rent-free space, to facilitate a conference at which defamers of the Jewish state and those calling for its destruction will seek to advance their agenda.
2) Are alumni contributions helping subsidize this event? If you’re an alumnus, let your voice be heard. Write and call:
John H. Zeller
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Call: 215-898-5169
Forward this Alert to friends and family, especially Penn alumni, and urge them all to speak out against the deplorable BDS conference and Penn’s allowing it to use campus facilities.


One Response to “University of Pennsylvania Hosts BDS Hate Conference”

  1. Aya January 28, 2012 at 7:37 am #

    We have reached a time where we Jews must understand that the world is divided along left right ideological lines. While Jews have tended to align themselves with the political left, seemingly because they view themselves as the little guy, the victim they mistakenly thought that the left embodied an ideology that “promotes” the little guy & equality. What history proves, is that the left and particularly the Democrat Party in the USA has a well hidden [due to the fact they control much of the media] past that includes strong ties to racism and intolerance. The leftists in the USA [Democrat Party] created and inhabited such hate groups as the KKK and the White League. Democrats voted against civil rights legislation and slave emancipation & ususally side politically against Israel.The 1st black politicians were Republicans as was Dr. Martin Luther King. The Democrat Party to the detriment of Jews has promoted the Islamization of our country via aloowing lobbyists for Islamic Council on Education to control content of school textbooks now full of pro Islam propoganda . Democrat leaders have promoted the blending of faiths via multi cultural movement designed to pull the wool over the eyes of those oblivious to a centuries old battle between the twin faiths of the Bible, Judaism & Christianity vs the ideology of the quran filled with hate and intolerance & the fact that the quran promtes in no uncertain terms the destruction of Jews & Christians alike. The liberal media is conveniently scant in reporting an epidemic across the mideast and Africa of muslims burning Churches and slaughtering Christians much like they did to Jews .
    Some people say this is not a political issue but a social one. I agree but when you recognize that social issues are divided along left right ideological lines , it all makes sense..The survival of Jewish people equals a realization of self advocacy. Protecting our own interests is not an act of selfishness [as the left would say] but an act of self preservation and in doing so , an act consistent with the desires of G-d . AS a result of opening our collective eyes, there must be a recognition that socially, ideologically & politically, Judaism is much more aligned with Conservative values of reverence of G-d & Faith which the left rejects, respect for the institutions of family & traditions, both reviled by the left politically and respect for life , the Right is pro life , left is pro abortion . Conservatives are pro commerce, business & Capitalism [with ethics] all under attack by the political left. Ideology & politics intersect and there is no way around how that shapes our society
    To align with Truth, reason & G-ds wisdom is to utilize G-d given judgment to recognize good from bad, whether people, ideologies or politics. Even Tanach says the heart of the wise inclines to the Right and the fool to the left. The left beleive in an amoral utopia of forced equality and with the help of the Jewish vote, they’re beginning to change this country to reflect such naiive & dangerous fodder. How telling that to save ourselves and our freedom is to also preserve the American Dream .The time has come to differentiate between ideologies, institutions & politicians who embrace destructive ideals and what we must do to preserve our way of life and freedoms.. Time to stop lending a hand via votes to politicians shaping our destiny via social engineering legislation devoid of morals and in direct contrast to our founding fathers and JudeaoChristian values and find a voice that not only preserves ourselves but the traditions & values that allow us to flourish .

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