Should Israel Be a Campaign Issue in the Upcoming Elections?

4 Nov

Submitted by guest blogger, Robert Heller, founder of the Federation’s Heller Israel Advocacy Initiative

In a recent Wall Street Journal article by Douglas J. Feith (find article HERE), he asks the question “Should Israel Be a U.S. Campaign Issue?”  In my opinion every issue running from the economy to foreign policy is and should be a campaign issue. It is not a Democrat issue or a Republican issue. The point is, if it is an issue Americans feel strongly about, especially if it affects U.S. security, it should be a campaign issue.  In the case of Israel, it is part of foreign policy in the Middle East and as such affects the security and the economic interests of every American. The issue is not related to party politics, it is a question of policy.

In the case of President Obama, in 2008 he pledged his support for Israel and after his election he proceeded to demonstrate his hostility toward Israel. When Obama ran his 2008 campaign his close association with Reverend Wright  (a virulent Anti-Semite), his campaign attempted to allay the fears of the Jewish and Christian population that he was an ardent supporter of Israel. He proclaimed his support for Israel in order to become president and as such made Israel a campaign issue. Following his election he lost no time in demonstrating his hostility to Israel. Furthermore, his policies throughout the Middle East have cost America its prestige and influence in the region. If Obama’s policy with respect to Israel was positive rather than hostile you can be sure he would use it in his campaign speeches to garner the support of Jews and Christians who are concerned with Israel’s well being.  I feel it is inappropriate to take an issue important to so many Americans off the table.To do so would be an attack on the democracy Americans cherish.

What do you think?


2 Responses to “Should Israel Be a Campaign Issue in the Upcoming Elections?”

  1. jenny November 4, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    absolutely…look at what happened in NY 9th district…the Democratic candidate clearly lost that race based on 1 issue…the Obama administration’s very negative positions on Israel.
    In my view our President wrong on his concept of the settlements, naive on the Muslim Brotherhood and their intentions, and generally unfair in his demands and expectations of israel. Why doesn’t he ask the Palestinians to make a concession or two.

  2. Aya November 4, 2011 at 5:19 pm #

    Well it depends on whether American Jews decide that Israel and a candidates position on Israel is an important matter. In 08, despite the fact that Obama had friends like Louis Farrakhan, Rev Wright & terrorist Bill Ayers , despite that he has appointed several devout muslims to key cabinet positions and declared muslim outreach to be the new goal of NASA and despite Barak Hussein Obama having been raised as a muslim and despite his stating that the Muslim call to prayer was the most beautiful sound to his ear, the American Jews voted for him.

    After even more proof of throwing Israel under the bus as they say, hopefully this time around they will realize that Israel does matter for many many reasons not least of which is that to choose to support Palestinians or any muslim nations over Israel shows that a persons moral compass may be askew by choosing to support immoral nations and ideologies over the moral and God loving Jews here in America and in Israel. Simple as that. Never should the American Jewish vote go to a candidate that is disinterested in Israel at best and hostile at worst.

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