‘Peace Needs Partners’ from the Israel Action Network

3 Oct

Visit www.peaceneedspartners.org and sign the petition calling upon the 193 Members of the United Nations to vote against endorsing a unilaterally declared Palestinian state and to promote the resumption of bilateral negotiations.



2 Responses to “‘Peace Needs Partners’ from the Israel Action Network”

  1. Bob Heller October 8, 2011 at 12:57 pm #

    I believe Obama has not only been less supportive but has actually been hostile to Israel and to its population since taking office. While it is easy for American Jews to ponder whether Obama is more supportive or less supportive of Israel, it is a fact that a poll of Israeli’s who every day must live with the consequences of Obama’s policies, indicated that only 7% of Israeli’s had a positive view of Obama. However the question of whether one thinks he is more or less supportive is of less importance than the fact that his policies have been extremely damaging to Israel and any possible peace process.
    By unilaterally demanding that Israel stop all construction in Jerusalem and the West Bank without consulting Israel Obama created an issue the Palestinians latched onto(that had not been an issue before) giving the Palestinians an excuse to reject all negotiations until Obama’s demand, not theirs was met. When Obama publicly humiliated Netanyahu it signaled to the Palestinians that they need not negotiate, that Obama would press Israel to meet their demands.
    When Israel stopped construction for ten months Obama failed to press the Palestinians to commence negotiations during that period. The Palestinians continue to incite hatred and genocide against Jews and refuse to accept Israel as a Jewish state. Nevertheless Panetta on behalf of the Obama administration recently went to Israel pressing Israel to make more concessions to the Palestinians. Obama continues to disregard the fact that the Palestinians publicly state they seek the genocidal destruction and removal of Israel from any area including Israel’s borders set forth by the U.N. in 1948. Obama’s policy that negotiations based on 1967 borders which deprive the Jewish people of their most holy places and are indefensible against the threat of genocide doesn’t sound to supportive to me.
    For those who point to Obama’s recent speech at the U.N. supporting Israel it may more accurately be viewed as a campaign speech to garner the support of Jews in America for his reelection. The speech was reminiscent of those he made during his campaign in 2008, which he promptly reneged on once he took office. I can be fooled once but not twice.
    Bob Heller

  2. Aya October 29, 2011 at 10:38 am #

    Bob, I agree & the best thing we as Jews can do in America to support Israel is not to supprt his bid for re election. I have been a Republican most of my life because to study the history of the Democrat Party is to learn of its racist and over regulating roots and I find Conservative American values of Faith, Family & Pro Commerce to be much more compatible with Jewish life.

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